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Have you ever wondered how to become a Pilates instructor? Pilates instructor course includes all the study materials you need to learn the moves properly and with good form. Pilates can be performed on a mat or in a studio on a Pilates machine. There are mat certification courses too for instructors who wish to focus on using a mat. The certification portion can be completed online or at a private testing center in person. Online certifications have become more acceptable as so many instructors are looking to better themselves yet have limited time for traditional instruction type classes.

Getting your certification will teach you how to do Pilates. The moves are small and isometric. They focus on control and help to increase flexibility and stability. There is also a heavy emphasis on the core. Core Pilates takes you through a range of movements to strengthen your core and abs. It also help to improve lean muscle mass. Having a strong core can help with increased overall functional fitness. A strong core can also reduce your risk of injury by having better posture and alignment with daily activities and sports.

Pilates is a low-impact exercise meaning that minimal stress is applied to the joints. In fact, Pilates can help strengthen the muscles around the joints to help protect them. Pilates makes a great choice for individuals who are returning from injury or looking to enhance physical therapy. Due to the low impact aspect, it also makes a great choice for older individuals who are looking to increase lean muscle mass and strengthen bone mass as well.

Pilates can be used a full body workout and can help to sculpt the body by increasing lean muscle mass. Pilates certification gives you the opportunity to help people transform their lives by getting a healthier and leaner body. Bodies that are lean and strong also tend to have fewer illnesses and less sick days than other individuals who are not active at all. The lifestyle of individuals who practice Pilates have better overall health. Being a certified instructor helps you to be part of that movement and shift in fitness.

Pilates is a popular choice of fitness and the trend is growing rapidly in health clubs and studios across the United States.

Be part of a healthier tomorrow and get your Pilates certification today!

Get Pilates Certified

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