Functional Fitness: Making a Difference in Quality of Life

Personal fitness instruction is a fantastic career to enter. There are many different opportunities and many other avenues you can expand into once you become an established figure in the industry. You can use your personal training as the mainstay of your business, and then gain additional qualifications to diversify and teach other fitness activities for extra income and variety. One such additional activity is functional fitness. This form of exercise training provides real-life benefits and is used to help people prepare for daily tasks at both work and home. Furthermore, it helps develop core body strength and can give you greater resistance against injury. It really can make a huge difference to your quality of life! 

By expanding your personal training service to include functional fitness, you can appeal to a greater variety of potential clients. To do this, the ASFA® Functional Fitness certification will give you the tools and skills you need. You can learn all about functional fitness from the comfort of your own home with this online course. The American Sports and Fitness Association® distributes specialized exercise instruction qualifications and the functional fitness certification has superb reviews. If you are looking for credibility and quality, look no further!

Once enrolled, you will learn about various functional fitness techniques, and see how this form of exercise can be beneficial to during the performance of daily tasks. Furthermore, you will also learn a plethora of exercises and activities that you can then use once you are certified. The study material is detailed and easy-to-follow and you will gain an abundance of real-life knowledge. Once you have passed the final examination (at a time and place that is convenient to you no less!), you can call yourself ASFA® certified and expand your career as a functional fitness instructor!

Functional Fitness Certification



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