Product Highlight: Functional Fitness Instruction Certification!

Ready to boost your body's ability to function better in everyday life--and get fitter, faster, and stronger as a result?

American Sports & Fitness Association's (ASFA) Functional Fitness Instruction Certification helps experienced fitness professionals continue their education while appealing to clients with functional and/or performance fitness related goals.

Designed for fitness trainers looking to further develop and refine their knowledge beyond traditional weight-lifting techniques, ASFA® offers the Functional Fitness Instruction Certification. Enhancing everyday functionality through fitness makes this qualification vital to the success and skill set of any fitness professional.

Most clients hire fitness professionals for the reasons of losing weight and increasing quality of life. Functional Fitness is about just that, making everyday life movements more functional through fitness. From strenuously training athletes with ropes and medicine balls to assisting the middle-aged individuals with losing weight and core strengthening, functional fitness is a versatile certification.

Continuing your education with ASFA's Functional Fitness Certification is a great way to show your clients that you are committed to improving their functional performance and quality of life.

ASFA's Functional Fitness Certification can help the experienced fitness professional expand their career through:

  • Enhanced understanding of specialized, functional fitness exercise methods
  • Ability to integrate functional fitness exercises into individual exercise programs
  • Increased client confidence in commitment to continuing education
  • Greater ability to design functional fitness exercise routines

Get on top of your game and get qualified with what your clients need you to know today!

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