Foam Rolling Certification: What are the Benefits?

The knowledge obtained from a foam rolling certification gives you the opportunity to learn how to use a foam roller more effectively and safely. Foam rolling is a way to give yourself a deep tissue massage to loosen up tightness and fascia in the muscle fibers deeper than you could get to with massage alone.

Personal trainer training and education teaches not only how to work out, but also how to recover from your workouts. Using a Foam roller can aid in the recovery process, minimizing soreness from strenuous workouts. It can also help loosen up tight muscles that may be causing pain in the joints. It can also help break down lactic acid in the muscles allowing you to recover faster than just stretching alone.  

Schools for personal trainers offer additional certification courses for personal development and to broaden their areas of expertise. Foam rolling certification is a great addition to any personal trainer cert with prospecting clients. It allows you to better serve your clients and can put you in a position for higher demand and better pay. Health clubs and private studios are willing to pay more for trainers who have more certifications and stand apart with more to offer than just a trainer certificate. Online personal trainer schools are another option to obtain a foam roller certification. Many of the personal training seminars have shifted from traditional classroom setting to online giving busy trainers greater opportunities to get additional training and certifications.

When deciding which ASFA health and fitness certification to get, consider adding a foam rolling certification class to your trainer plan. Going through additional personal training certification workshops will make you the best of the best. Fitness institutes actively seek out trainers that will bring the most value to their establishments and will be able to fill the needs of their clients. Start your fitness business plan off strong with foam rolling certification!

Foam Rolling Certification

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