5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Indoor Cycling Class

Indoor cycling classes can be a lot of fun. While performed in the safety of a fitness club, you are able to get a great cardiovascular workout while enjoying the social aspect of the group class. Below are some tips to help you improve your class:

  1. Be sure to arrive early – especially if you are new. This will give you the chance to adjust your bike to suit your personal needs based on height and comfort. Arriving early will also give the fitness instructor the opportunity to show you how to adjust the bike if you are new. Trying to work out on a bike that has not been properly adjusted for your measurements can increase discomfort during the class and lead to injury.
  2. Check your alignment. Having poor form will prevent you from getting the full benefits of the class in addition to putting extra stress on your joints. If you arrive early, you can have the instructor check your form to make sure you are performing the rotations with proper form.
  3. Don’t be afraid of adding resistance to your bike. The extra resistance helps keep you in control of your bike while pedaling fast. It also puts less stress on your joints since each movement is controlled. You should never be pedaling faster than 120 RPM. Increasing the resistance will ensure that you stay under that number.
  4. Monitor your RPMs. The average recommended RPM for climbs is 60-80 RPMs. The average recommended RPM for seated or standing runs is 90-110. Monitoring your RPM gauge will keep you on track and help you to maximize your work out session.
  5. Remember this is your workout! Although the temptation will be high in a group setting to compete with your fellow classmates and friends, this is not a race! Challenge yourself, but don’t injure yourself.

Incorporating some of the tips above at your next indoor cycling class will add enjoyment and more comfort. Contact your local health club for class schedules and try an indoor cycling class. It’s a great way to change up routine and have a lot of fun.

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