Fitness Specialty Certifications

Fitness specialty certifications build upon your pre-existing foundations of knowledge and experience and extend the fitness services you can offer as a trainer. These certifications also help clients find the type of trainer that they are looking for. For example, if you are interested in getting into competitive bodybuilding, you do not want a basic trainer or aerobics instructor to work with you. While they might be very knowledgeable in fitness, competitive bodybuilding is not their specialty. You want to find someone who has a specialty certificate in strength training. Trainers with these certifications have the qualifications and knowledge of exercises with anatomy and routines that can guide you to success.  They might use sled training or lat pull down bars in their recommendations. These are not things that all personal trainers will use, especially without an in-depth knowledge of weight training.  

When starting your own personal training business, you will want to make sure you have located a certification testing site so that you can obtain all of the specialty certifications needed to help build your career. You’ll learn training tips for trainers and be able to reach out to potential clients. Having fitness specialty certifications will also allow you to charge a higher premium for your services. The more certifications you have, the more your services will be worth. Concentrate on the areas of interest that you want to train in and keep your certifications relevant to that area of interest. Many of the continuing education credits can also be used as training credits towards additional specialty certifications.

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ASFA Personal Trainer Certification & Fitness Certifications

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