Fitness for Older Adults: Making a Difference

Training Seniors is Not Just About Fitness, It's About Quality of Life...

When most people think about personal training, they think about getting in shape. To them, personal training is about toning up and losing some fat. Whether they are wanting to get back on the singles market or look good for an event, personal training is a temporal solution for making them look the way they want. This is not the case with most seniors. Most seniors are looking to improve their quality of life; while at the same time, improve their health.  Though every age demographic that personal trainers work with are trying to improve their quality of life, no other age group commonly states that it is their primary goal.

When you are training someone to help improve their quality of life, your contribution to that person's life is very important. Your training should be carefully planned and safety should be a priority.  Also, knowing that vanity is not of primary concern, your focus should be on functionality and practicality.  We all know that personal trainers that don't focus on their client's stated goals don't keep their clients long.

So, if you are a personal trainer or fitness professional that really is looking to make a difference in someone's life - you should consider specializing in senior fitness instruction.  How many times have you seen your own clients do something unhealthy and ill-advised (like a crash diet) just to look a certain way?

When that happens and you know that they didn't follow your advise, don't you think, "I wish I had a dedicated client group whose main goals were focused being healthy and happy." Well, look no further!  Seniors want to be healthy and happy and aren't nearly so ready to discard your advise for a "quick fix."  Maybe it is time to look around and see where you can employ your fitness skill set to get the most meaningful results.  Where can you make the biggest difference?  Check out our Senior Fitness Certification and start making that difference today!

Senior Fitness Certification

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