Endurance Running vs. Sprinting

Runners can benefit greatly from their sport. Whether you are sprinter or an endurance runner, there are some differences in training that can be beneficial depending on what type of runner you are and which goals are you trying to obtain.         

Endurance runners train for distance. They are generally slower than their fellow sprinters. They are not focused on shaving a few seconds off their fastest 5k time. They are training to keep a slower and steady pace to go longer distances without breaking down. A sprinter, on the other hand, will practice challenging and intense workouts to hopefully beat their last time in their distance – even if it is just for a second.

Running training and time is another big factor between the two groups. Endurance training takes a lot of time and consistency. Training for a 100 mile race can certainly put a damper on your social run! The Sprinters will do much harder and explosive drills to challenge themselves and hopefully save a few minutes from their race time.

How much time you have will also determine what sort of category to place yourself in. Because sprinters have such a shorter workout that is more intense, they need more time to recover compared to the endurance runners who run slow enough to let their consumed calories do their part. The slower endurance runners are able to run daily with minimal recovery time.  

Your personal goals also play a big role in deciding which type of runner to identify with. The faster you run and the harder you work, the more calories you will burn. Sprinters work harder than endurance runners so the sprinters burn more calories. When you are endurance training, after about the first 30 min., your body switches from glucose to protein for its fuel.  Runners looking to lose fat and to keep it off would fall into the endurance runner side.

As you can see, endurance running and sprinting both differ vastly, yet can be enjoyed by all. Call up your running friends and schedule a “run date”. You’ll be glad you did!

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