Bodybuilding Trainer Certification – Competition Prep Ready

Qualifications for personal trainer certification can vary depending on what type of training a personal trainer wants to do.  Strength and resistance training at a basic level can be done well by a trainer with a basic personal training certification. For those who want to become more serious and even competitive with their strength and resistance training, you will want a different type of personal trainer that has a bodybuilding trainer certification. This specialty fitness certification specializes in everything you need to be competition ready in bodybuilding.

The style of training for bodybuilders is very different from what regular individuals use to get fit and toned. The equipment has very defined purposes and is used strategically to build strength, size, and definition very quickly. The diets of bodybuilders are also vastly different from what the general population eats for proper health. Bodybuilders consume a lot more protein in their diets to support new muscle growth and faster muscle recovery. A personal trainer that has a bodybuilding trainer certification understands that the high-protein and low-carb diet which is used for competition readiness is not something that can be done year round due to the extra stress it could place on the organs. Because bodybuilding training and bodybuilding nutrition are so intertwined, many personal trainers who specialize in bodybuilding will offer customized personal training meals or meal plans along with their personal training plans.  

Bodybuilding is a huge commitment that requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and resilience. Athletes often claim it’s the hard work that makes it so great. If you are interested in competition bodybuilding, you will need to seek out a trainer with bodybuilding trainer certification. Be honest with your trainer and yourself about the level of commitment you are able to put into it and the time that you have to train as well as the discipline with dietary changes. To be successful, you will need to fully commit to it until your competition day arrives. Just like a weight loss plan will not work if you only diet two days of the week, a bodybuilding plan will not work either if you are not able to get your training in and dietary changes made. Ease into it slowly so that new changes can become healthy habits and so that you don’t burn out from the level of training required.  

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