Best Fitness Gifts for 2021

Searching for the perfect fitness gift for the special athlete or fitness enthusiast in your life can be challenging sometimes. Knowing what their fitness goals are can help take a lot of the guesswork out of gift exchanges.  Having knowledge of what’s out there can also help eliminate guesswork and provides the opportunity to surprise your loved one with the perfect fitness gift and not another exercise ebook.  Here are some choices that are sure to excite your athlete:

  1. GPS sports watches. GPS sports watches have come a long way and can be used for a variety of different sports.  Runners, swimmers, cyclists, triathletes, and other endurance athletes use GPS devices as part of their training.  This gadget helps them time their workouts, can measure their gait, speed, and track heart rate for those doing heart rate training.  Some of the fancier models can even track barometric pressure and tracks your route so you never have to worry about getting lost or allows you to follow that route again if it was a new route that you really enjoyed. These devices can even synch up to a smartphone and other apps that can benefit their training, workouts, and competition.
  2. Foam Rollers. All athletes can benefit from the use of foam rollers as part of their recovery. Foam rollers can be therapeutic in releasing tightness and soreness in muscles.  It can also release fascia and knots that could negatively impact training. Foam rollers come in all sizes and shapes. Larger cylinder-shaped foam rollers can be used at home after a challenging workout.  Smaller handheld foam rollers can be kept in gym bags and used on the go for individuals that may workout mid-day and have to return to work after their workout. Foam rollers are also used in yoga to help improve flexibility and help break down lactic acid in muscles that are sore.
  3. Therapy bands. Therapy bands, also known as fitness bands, can provide a lot of benefits for athletes.  When used for training, they can help prevent muscular imbalances and strengthen muscles that may take some extra abuse during training.  For runners, placing a fitness band just above the knees and doing Monster Walks, helps to strengthen the hip flexor muscles that help support their running and reduces the risk of injury.  When used for recovery and injury prevention, therapy bands can help you get into a deeper stretch and can help reduce the risk of sports injury. Therapy or fitness bands are easily portable because of their size and can easily be packed into a gym bag or purse so you can take fitness with you everywhere you go.
  4. Yoga mats. Not all yoga mats are equal quality. If your athlete does a lot of floor exercises, a thickly padded yoga mat with foam no less than 1-inch will be beneficial.  If your athlete does their workout outside, like bootcamp, a weighted workout mat that stays flat on windy days, will be a much-appreciated gift.
  5. Fitness classes or certificates. Athletes love to workout and love to learn about how they can improve their own sport and help their teammates. Getting a gift certificate for a fitness class with a certified wellness coach or a certification through ASFA is sure to delight the athlete that has everything. Education is something earned that can never be taken away or lost.  The gift of fitness education is priceless.  Check out the variety of exercise fitness nutrition classes available at and give the gift of fitness and health. Those interested in pursuing holistic nutrition careers or nutrition and wellness careers won’t be disappointed!
  6. An ASFA gift card - yes, shameless self-promotion!  You too can give the gift of ASFA gear, texts/manuals and certifications to your friend and family with an ASFA gift card!

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