Benefits of Pilates: Core Strength and Flexibility

Two of the most desired results from Pilates Instruction are increased core strength and flexibility.  It is hard to over-emphasize the importance of core strength.  Without it, you would not have stability and balance enough to do even the most simple tasks.  Strengthening the core is at the heart of Pilates workouts.  Originally developed as a rehabilitation workout plan for wounded soldiers, Joseph Pilates knew that a strong core made a well balanced strong man (or woman).  Of course, then there is flexibility.  If one of your goals is to feel great and be less prone to injuries, you need to be flexible.  Your clients might take your Pilates class for many reasons, but you can bet that two of those reasons are core strength and flexibility.  So, if you are considering your next class design, keep in mind what your clients want and that will help you design an effective class that is tailored to the needs of your clientele!

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