Become a CPT: Change Your Career

Becoming a certified personal trainer is the first step in changing careers into the field of fitness and health. Certification for personal trainers provides all the education you need to coach others into a healthier lifestyle. Physical fitness instructor jobs are on the rise as the demand for positive lifestyle changes continue to increase. People today are just now learning the connection between an active lifestyle and a healthier life free from preventable diseases.

The personal training manual is available in print form and also digital for those that choose to do their studies online. Personal trainer certification programs are available both online and as a hand-on class in a typical classroom setting to meet the growing demands in the fitness industry. Online options make it easier than ever for trainers to obtain additional certifications and for new trainers to get certified.

There are many different certification options to choose from when you begin your journey into the fitness field. Some trainers will choose to go into group instruction and lead a class. This can give the trainer a lot of flexibility and creativity options when designing the flow of the class. Kickboxing courses are one of the more popular group exercise certifications. A kickboxing trainer receives different training than a trainer who chooses to specialize in weight training certification. Both are personal trainers, but they specialize in different fields within the umbrella of fitness trainer. Having multiple certifications allows you to fill many needs within a health club or studio.

Online wellness programs have become popular too as clients are often too busy to come to a fitness class. Online instruction is another way to use your certification to enrich the lives of others and encouraging them to be more fit and active. You are able to coach online as well and provide training plans for multiple different types of clients. You will have some simply wanting to gain fitness and lose weight and others who are training for sport specific events and need agility drills for speed.

Whichever you choose to specialize in, becoming a CPT can help you change careers and your life while enhancing the lives of others.

Personal Training Certification

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