Top 5 Reasons to become a Certified Water Aerobics Instructor

Just as we need to drink H2O daily for optimal body performance, Water Aerobics is a prerequisite for seniors and other clients who require a low-impact fitness alternative due to aging, pregnancy, or injury recovery.

So, read on for the top 5 reasons you should become a ASFA Certified Water Aerobics Instructor today!

#1 Provide low-impact exercises to seniors with joint problems, helping them improve endurance, flexibility, and self-confidence.

#2 Create low-impact water aerobics routines for a wide variety of clients with different fitness levels, to improve their range of motion and muscle tone, and burn calories.

#3 Learn a new fitness skill that appeals to all ages--youngsters love the fun of splashing in a pool, while the oldsters enjoy the social aspects and opportunity to maintain their physical fitness in a low-impact environment.

#4 Burn calories with a full body workout! 

#5 Poolside! Life doesn't get much better than being near the water--such a soothing and relaxing environment.

So, jump on in, the water's fine. Click below to learn more and get certified as an ASFA Water Aerobics Instructor! 24/7 convenience, pay only if you pass!

Online Water Aerobics Certification

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