Become a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Personal Training Certification (CPT)


If you are a fitness professional already working in the fitness industry and want to become a certified personal trainer (CPT), ASFA® has the solution for you!

Many fitness professionals have qualifying education or hands-on experience to become certified as a personal trainer. For example, if you have a four-year degree in Exercise Science or Kinesiology, you have met the educational requirements to be a personal trainer. So, you just need to take the ASFA exam for personal trainer certification. ASFA makes it advantageous to do so with 24/7 online accessibility, and better yet you don't pay unless you pass!

Similarly, if you have another form of primary qualification and have completed an internship with a Master Level Personal Trainer, you may also qualify to become a CPT.  Our Personal Training Certification Exam is designed for fitness professionals who are qualified and ready to refresh their personal training knowledge while attaining an additional qualification.

ASFA® makes your testing experience relaxed and convenient. You can test from your own computer and in your own home. You can see your test result prior to deciding whether to pay. That's right--you don't pay unless you pass! Our goal is for you to learn from our exams. We do not accept any payment for a certification unless you pass.  

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ASFA Online Personal Training Certification

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