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Reviewing the basics of your personal fitness career

So, you’ve started your career as a personal fitness trainer. You have established a small client base, you are really getting into the groove and you are enjoying your work. What comes next? How do you gain a larger client base? How do you gain a greater set of skills and knowledge? What can you do to improve your career prospects and build your reputation in the industry? Word of mouth can help greatly, but only to a certain degree; there must be another opportunity! Why not gain a personal training certification from ASFA® to boost your reputation and your own knowledge?

Our Personal Training Certification refreshes your basic knowledge and provides you with a solid continuing education qualification that is industry recognized. During this course, you will review the basics of personal fitness and what is entailed in providing a first-rate service to your clients. As this course can be taken online, you can do it in your own time, and don’t have to worry about letting your clients down in those all-important first few months. Although you may already know some of the information in this course, it will still prove beneficial and may jog your memory. Furthermore, once you have passed, you will have a credible certification that will improve your reputation as a personal trainer.

If you really want to keep your personal fitness career on track in a positive and productive way, an ASFA® certification really is the right path to take. The benefits are real, the knowledge you learn is practical and can be applied in your daily work.

ASFA's Personal Training Certification

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