ASFA Product Highlight: Women's Fitness Instructor Certification

ASFA’s Women’s Fitness Instruction Certification provides a key opportunity for experienced fitness professionals to build on their existing expertise through specialized continuing education. This qualification is a female-specific certification that helps highlight a trainer's advanced knowledge of women’s fitness needs. Our Women's Fitness Certification online helps you focus your skill set to the unique fitness needs of women.  

ASFA's Women’s Fitness Specialist Certification is a great way to improve your knowledge base and show expertise in women's fitness. This qualification helps fitness professionals expand their skills in gender-specific training. Ranging from the specialized needs of female athletes, to training middle-aged women for core strength, to the unique requirements of the female senior population, becoming a women's fitness instructor is a key focus area for well-qualified fitness professionals.

ASFA's Women’s Fitness Certification can help the experienced fitness professional expand his/her career through:
- Specialization in the unique fitness needs of women ranging from athletes to seniors
- Continued fitness education by focusing on the specific training considerations of women
- Enhanced understanding of essential components related to women’s fitness instruction
- Increased knowledge and ability in female-specific training

Women's Fitness Instructor Certification

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