ASFA® Cycling Certification – Pedal to Fitness

ASFA's Cycling certification does more than just teach you the basics of indoor cycling. It teaches you how to motivate your class, what cadences to use, how to separate skill levels, anatomy of cycling, cycling safety and more! If you are an experienced fitness professional who is looking to expand your career into Cycling, you are at the right place!
As with all ASFA® certifications you can test 24/7 from the comfort of your own home. Also, your testing is fully risk-free. If you don't pass, you don't pay! How much more risk-free can it be! You can start studying by ordering the reference texts listed on our Cycling Certification page. And when you are ready, test anytime! So, the only question now is what are you waiting for?!

ASFA® Cycling Certification

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