ASFA Book Highlight--Methods of Group Exercise Instruction Book (4rd Edition) $99.99

In the constantly evolving world of fitness and exercise, it is challenging to become—and remain—an effective group exercise instructor. Methods of Group Exercise Instruction, Fourth Edition With Online Video, offers expert guidance in a variety of group exercise formats so current and aspiring instructors can hone their skills and create demand for their services. The authors—who have dozens of years of experience—thoroughly explain group exercise training principles, correction and progression techniques, and safety tips. They also have taught this course within a university setting. This research-based text will enhance the skills of group exercise leaders and prepare them to lead more dynamic, safe, and effective classes for clients of differing ages, abilities, and interests.

Methods of Group Exercise Instruction, Fourth Edition, goes beyond theory to help fitness instructors and managers understand the why behind class and program design, the proper way to cue participants, and the variety of modalities they can use in their teaching. Revised and reorganized based on current industry best practices, this edition includes the following:
- Over 100 minutes of online video demonstrating warm-ups, routines, drills, and 15 new class formats
- A new chapter dedicated specifically to instructing older adults
- New coverage of high-intensity interval training (HIIT)
- Two additional sample class plans for featured group exercise formats

The text also features a number of additional learning aids to help readers retain and apply the content. Pro Tips offer insights and expertise from industry veterans; boxes and sidebars highlight important topics, research findings, and technique and safety checks; practice drills offer opportunities to apply the information; and evaluation forms are provided to self-assess teaching success.

Methods of Group Exercise Instruction, Fourth Edition, will prepare any group fitness instructor for a successful career. Students will gain a strong foundation to earn their group fitness certification, and veteran instructors will be able to refine their skills to increase their marketability and success.

Reference for fitness, physical activity, and group exercise instructors, including those preparing for certification; textbook for exercise science, fitness, physical education, kinesiology, public health, and recreation students training to be group exercise instructors.

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