Aquatic Fitness – The Coolest Summer Workout

Summer workouts do not have to come to a screeching halt when the temperatures rise. Aquatic fitness is the coolest summer workout for summertime fitness! Many of the personal trainer programs online can be modified to do in the water. Doing any time of resistance workout in the pool creates a safe and low impact environment that helps to protect joints and decrease the risk of sports injury. Wellness coaching programs encourage aquatic fitness for all ages and all sports levels for a full body workout that is fun and safe. Try some of these aquatic workouts for a change of pace:

  1. For anyone who thinks they cannot run due to knee and ankle discomforts, aquatic running has opened new doors for you! Running in the water displaces body weight so you are not having the same impact on your joints as you would when compared to running on the concrete. The natural resistance of the water helps you work harder without injury. Aquatic running is also great for runners who are needing to train while recovering from injury or those who are prone to sports injury.
  2. Yes, you can lift weights in the water with aquatic weights! These special weights are meant to be used in the pool and can help decrease muscle strain and risk of sports injury while you lift your way to a stronger new you.
  3. Plyometric exercises, such as jumping, jumping jacks, jump squats, and star jumps, are actually fun to do in the water! The natural resistance from the water helps you engage additional muscles that work harder to stabilize the body, improving functional fitness and stability.
  4. Isometric exercises. Leg pulses and arm raises are easier to do in the water due to the displacement of body weight in the water. Grab a kick board and pulse your legs for firmer and toner legs and glutes. Deeper water can be used for arm raises and arm circles. Toning your arms have never been easier! You can even place your arms on the step of the shallow end of the pool and do push up, allowing the weightlessness of the water to help provide support for good form.

Whether you are working on a wellness certificate or water aerobics certification, aquatic fitness can help keep clients working on their fitness goals during the hot summer months. Tone up, stay fit, and be cool with water aerobics and aquatic fitness.

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