Agility Training For Improved Athletic Performance

Athletic performance can be enhanced with agility training added into your training routine. A fitness trainer expert can help design a training program that is specific to your sports needs for improved athletic performance.  

When trainers are training on how to be a fitness coach, they will study multiple types of exercises to help a variety of athletes perform their best. Agility training is one of those types of exercises that can help improve power, speed, balance, coordination, and competitiveness of athletes. Examples of agility training include plyometric jumps, shuttle runs, forward running with high knees, and lateral running using side to side drills. All of these exercises can help athletes train harder and compete better in their sports. Endurance trainer coaches will use agility training as well to help improve the athletic performance of their clients.

Agility training can help train your body to move quickly and with greater power. Practicing this repetitively in your training program helps increase balance and control, and can increase functional training levels as well. Using agility training can help develop muscles around the joints, protecting the joints and decreasing your risk of sports related injuries. All of those benefits of agility training together enable you to compete harder and more competitively in your personal sport. If you are a runner, you will notice that your race times are faster over time. Your hard runs will seem easier and you will be able to get over that fitness plateau that many runners face over time. Endurance athletes may also notice that along with faster finishing times, they may also notice a decrease in sports injuries. Having fewer injuries will help keep athletes in their game longer with less time on the side bench.  

When you are ready to change up your fitness training routine and take your competitiveness up a level, do some personal trainer scheduling and talk about how agility training can help you reach your fitness goals and improve your personal performance. Many personal training companies have sport specific coaches on staff who can help you with a specific sport or endurance training. Agility training can help improve the performance of all types of athletes and can help build functional fitness as well.  

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