Advanced Yoga: Yoga Fusion Exercises

Yoga certifications are popular choices for trainers who enjoy teaching the low-impact and calming exercises of yoga. Yoga certification programs include a variety of yoga styles including yoga fusion. Yoga fusion is a trendy variety of yoga that blends yoga with another type of exercise. Types of exercises that can be blended with yoga include dance fitness, Pilates, strength and resistance training, and martial arts fitness. Yoga can be blended with any type of workout to make it challenging and fun.

Yoga helps increase flexibility and can help decrease stress. When yoga is blended with other workouts, such as body sculpt training, you can add other health benefits such as increased strength, improved muscle tone, and improved stability. Blended yoga fusion workouts increase calorie burn and personal fitness. Other props can be blended such as a body ball to help tone up, build lean muscle, and improve functional fitness. Yoga can also be fused with cardio sessions to help build endurance, increase fitness, and improve flexibility and recovery times.

Yoga fusion has increased in popularity with all age groups and fitness levels. The varieties of different workouts that can be blended with yoga make it interesting, challenging, and fun. No two classes will be the same and the yoga fusion instructors get to be creative in the flow and styles of their classes.  

Yoga fusion is a great way to enjoy fitness. If you have tried one yoga fusion class, you have truly only tried one yoga fusion class! Participating in multiple classes can provide you with a completely different experience each time for the ultimate fitness workout.  

Programs for health and wellness suggest trying a variety of fitness classes to find one that you enjoy participating in. A yoga fusion class incorporates yoga and introduces many different types of fitness in a single workout session. Yoga fusion can help you get fit, while enjoying fitness, burning calories, losing weight, toning up, improving flexibility, increasing functional fitness, and of course improving overall health.  Learn more today about ASFA’s Advanced Yoga Certification by clicking the link below!


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