Advanced Pilates: Learn Reformer Exercises

Fitness instructor classes can prepare trainers to teach classes such as Advanced Pilates. Advanced Pilates uses a reformer to perform the exercises to help improve personal fitness. A reformer is the carriage used in Advanced Pilates to help increase strength, flexibility, stability, and balance. Reformer exercises push or pull the carriage, which is held in the frame by springs that can be tightened or loosened to make your workouts more challenging.  

Reformer exercises strengthen the core and increase functional fitness. Pilates reformer exercises give a powerful workout to your abs, lower back, glutes, and hips. Reformer exercises focus on alignment and specific muscle activation to target specific muscle groups that can improve balance and stability. Fitness research shows that reformer exercises burn more calories than other traditional exercises. The reformer machine allows you to hold exercises more deeply and longer to truly challenge your core strength and improve lean muscle tone.

Leg circles are popular reformer exercises that target the abs, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. Attach the number of springs you want for the desired resistance that you want to use. Lie down on the platform and slide your feet into the straps that are above your head. Extend your legs straight and keep your toes pointed. Start moving your legs in small circles. You can repeat going the opposite direction as well. You can also modify the circles by making them bigger or smaller. 

Footwork is the most common exercise done on the reformer. Lying down with both feet on the footbar, push the bar and bring your knees up to a tabletop position and repeat. This exercise encourages proper alignment of the hips and can help strengthen the knees and ankles. Footwork also improves functional fitness and can decrease your risk of sports related injury by strengthening the muscles around the supporting joints.

Advanced Pilates offers a  variety of exercises that can be done and modifications that can be made to make accommodations for anyone of any age or fitness level. Fitness instructor training can teach you how reformer exercises in Advanced Pilates certification can help improve functional fitness and improve strength and stability. 

Fitness jobs in Advanced Pilates are in high demand for the multitude of benefits that come from performing exercises on a platform reformer, so get started teaching today with ASFA by clicking the link below! 


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