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Personal trainer workout routines can help you get the chiseled abs you want just in time for summer. Not all personal trainer routines are equal and identifying what your personal fitness goals are can help you choose the best workouts that help you meet those personal goals. The Abs Wheel is a tool that many trainers will promote for muscles abs workouts. Muscular strength fitness in the core region is something that develops and improves with consistency. Using an Abs Wheel has pros and cons to using, but when done right, can be a large asset to achieving your personal fitness goals. 

One of the pros of using an Abs Wheel is the ease of getting into form and the deeper motion you are able to achieve using this tool.  Improving abs strength and core fitness can help slim and tone, improve posture, and has been linked to reduced lower back pain. A second pro of using an Abs Wheel is that it is a common tool that can be found at any health or fitness store as well as online shopping marts. Being easy to find makes it more accessible to larger groups of individuals. A third pro of the Abs Wheels is the tool is small enough to use anywhere. This perk makes the Abs Wheel a great choice for individuals working out at home and working out on the go. It travels well, it’s light, and weighs less than a pound so it stores easily as well.

A con of using the Abs Wheel is if you use it without good form, you can strain your muscles and injure your back. Being mindful of your form or having a personal trainer demonstrate the exercise can help eliminate that challenge. A second con of using the Abs Wheel is that it may not be effective if you are not using it correctly. For example, if you do not go all the way down to complete the exercise correctly, you are not fully engaging the abs muscles and you are not getting the quality workout you thought you were. Everyone’s body is different and just because a good friend loves their Abs Wheel, doesn’t mean you’ll love it too.   

Being open to trying to fitness tools and exercises helps to keep fitness programs fun and mentally stimulating in addition to helping prevent burn out or exercise fatigue. A personal trainer with wellness coach training can help you maximize your workouts using the Abs Wheel.

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