Ab Wheel – Pros and Cons

The ab wheel is highly effective at strengthening your abdominal region and improving core strength. The device helps to build lean muscle which burns fat. The abs wheel uses multiple muscles within the core that targets the abdominal from angles that are different than a traditional crunch. Using more muscles at the same time means that you are burning more calories than a regular crunch exercise. Having a stronger core improves functional fitness as well and can help prevent injury from daily activities and sports training.

Form and technique are especially important when using an ab wheel.  If the device is used incorrectly or with bad form, you can cause significant damage to the lower back. A fitness health trainer can help you learn how to use an ab wheel properly and with good form to lower your risk of injury and protect your back. Fitness industry courses cover topics of equipment so that personal trainers know what is out there and how to use it properly. Fitness instructor certification programs also provide trainers the opportunity to obtain fitness specialty certificates to help increase their skills and knowledge in a particular area of interest. Core strength and functional fitness are both areas that a personal trainer can choose to specialize in. 

Having a stronger core can provide a variety of benefits such as a smaller waistline, improved posture, reduced chronic back pain, improved functional fitness, and greater balance and stability. Any individual can benefit from increasing core strength regardless of your current age or fitness level. The muscles that are used in ab wheel workouts can help support everyday tasks and hobbies such as gardening and sports. Ab wheel workouts support a healthy back and can help improve overall fitness. 

Build core strength and stability by including an ab wheel safely into your workouts. Ready to learn more about personal trainer certifications?
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