A New Year for New Fitness Goals

A new year provides new opportunity for healthy fitness goals. A new year gives a fresh start to reconnect with fitness commitments that lost their momentum somewhere along the way. A new year gives you a clean slate to commit to new goals and new approaches to stay on track. A nutrition and fitness consultant or personal trainer can help provide direction, if you are unsure of where to begin your personal fitness journey. 

Identify what your strengths and weaknesses are and try to tailor your personal fitness goals to fit your individual needs. All too often, individuals will sign up for a fitness program that they felt pressured into doing. They lose interest and motivation halfway through, because it was never something that they enjoyed or wanted to do. Failing to meet their goals with an activity they disliked leaves the individual feeling frustrated, helpless, and even discouraged. Finding something that you enjoy will make the training portion of your fitness journey easier to maintain. For example, if you dislike going to the gym, signing up with a personal gym trainer may not be something that you enjoy.  Signing up for something like an outdoor bootcamp class or creating a neighborhood walking group might be an activity that you enjoy and will be more likely to complete. Having a neighbor or friend join you is a great way to increase your personal accountability to make sure you don’t miss a class or training session. 

Personal training goals will help make sure that you are training with a purpose. If your personal fitness goal is to run a marathon in the New Year, you will need to make sure that your training includes activities that build endurance and stamina. You will want to add cross-training sessions that build functional fitness and protect your joints to lessen the risk of injury. Many first-time marathoners get injured training for their first marathon and never make it to the start line. Identifying a goal and creating a training plan that helps support your goal can ensure that you stay focused with your training, lower your risk of injury, and allow you to celebrate the smaller milestones along your personal fitness journey. 

If you want to try something new and different, sign up for a group fitness class, such as a Pilates course. This will give you a chance to try new fitness trends and exercises to see what style of exercises you enjoy the most. After you find something that you enjoy doing, you can start creating your personal fitness goals and training plans to make the New Year your best and fittest year ever!

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