Functional Fitness Certification: Get Fit!

ASFA® has listened to your requests and now offers a Functional Fitness Certification! The current trend in fitness is moving towards making your workouts more applicable to everyday tasks. What better reason to workout than making your everyday life easier and more enjoyable? Functional fitness is not just an up and coming trend; it is a method of fitness that emphasizes improving your quality of life.  

The best part about functional fitness workout routines is that they can be highly individualized for any client. What is functional for a twenty- year-old male trying to improve sport performance, is not the same as functionality for a forty-five year old woman who would like to tone and at the same time make carrying her briefcase less of a task.

Functional fitness is the wave of the future for the fitness industry. ASFA® is proud to provide a Functional Fitness Certification so that trainers and fitness professionals can specialize in making daily chores easier and improving quality of life.


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