7 Ways to Improve Speed and Agility


Most exercises work to develop muscles or improve aerobic fitness but may sometimes leave out the development of crucial elements like balance and coordination. Exercises to increase speed and agility are helpful in the areas of field performance, quick reflexes, and injury avoidance. Agility training picks up where other forms of exercise end.

Here are seven ways you can enhance your speed and agility.


  1. Agility Drills with Speed Ladder

A speed ladder can be used to improve your footwork and round out your agility training.


Forward High-Knee

Lift your right foot and place it in the next square after lifting your right leg until it is parallel to the ground, starting at one end. Then, apply the same technique to the left leg.


Lateral Jog

Place your right foot into the first square, followed by your left, and continue moving sideways until you reach the other end of the ladder.


  1. Plyometric Agility Hurdles

The plyometrics' explosive force is utilized in this exercise, and you need only a few obstacles. Start a few feet from the first obstacle. Your feet should be wider than hip-width apart and firmly planted on the ground. Jump up by pressing through the balls of your feet, but also use your force to move forward.

Jump up again to get over the next obstacle without taking further steps. Repeat for a total of 12 jumps. This exercise is particularly good at developing the lower-body muscles and leg power you need for leaping.


  1. Lateral Plyometric Jumps

Your feet should be no more than hip-width apart when you stand on one side of the straight line. Avoid swaying at the hips as you crouch down until you are almost squatting. Jump sideways and land lightly on the opposite side of the straight line.


To cross the line once again, repeat the motion. You can also push yourself forward if you want more exercise. Try raising the height of the straight line as your leg strength improves. Think about making diagonal and forward jumps as well. You'll gain more agility and explosiveness in the new direction.


  1. Box Drills

You can incorporate box drills into your routine in several ways.



You must step up onto the box with one leg after standing in front. To get your body onto the platform, exert pressure through the same leg.


Box Jumping

All you need to do is step up onto the box by standing in front. Then, after making a solid landing, leap back to the starting point.


Burpee Jumps

Jump up straight and lightly land back on your feet. Next, get down and perform one pushup.


  1. Spot Drilling

Four spots should be arranged in a square, and the fifth spot should be placed in the middle. You should be able to put both feet on two outside marks. With both feet, you should land in the center of the area. Continue by jumping once more to the other outer dots.

Practice moving one foot to the center dot and the other to the other side of the square to improve your footwork. Then, repeat the same motion backward, leading with the opposite foot this time, bringing your initial foot to the opposite side of the square.


  1. Tuck Jumps

Stand with your arms by your side, knees slightly bent, and feet shoulder-width apart. Jump straight up and raise your knees to your chest. While jumping, wrap your arms over your knees, then release them to land lightly back in the starting position.

Once you land, start your second leap right away, and keep going with little breaks. You'll get more cardio and significantly more strenuous exercise as a result.


  1. Skaters

This exercise will offer you considerably greater explosiveness and sideways agility because it imitates the motion of an ice skater.  If you are using a ladder, stand with your back to it. Land on your leading foot after jumping to one side. Bring your other foot behind you approximately one step rather than bringing it to meet the first. Bring the back foot out and tap the toe of that foot on the ground.


Jump, so you are a few steps away by letting your rear foot lead. Then, mirror the toe-tap motion and repeat it. Jump back and forth until you have touched your toes ten times with each foot.

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7 Ways to Improve Speed and Agility
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