6 Fitness Friendly Stocking Stuffers

Healthy and active individuals have fitness friendly lifestyles that they maintain year-round.  Finding the perfect gift for fitness enthusiasts or a fitness and health trainer can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some fitness friendly stocking stuffers that any active individual would enjoy:

1. A fitness training book! Fitness books or a Fitness Professional Kit can help your special someone stay motivated year-round with tips, inspirational quotes, new exercises, and space to keep track of their workout plans. Writing your fitness goals on paper and looking at them frequently is a great way to help stay focused on reaching your goals. 

2. A jump rope! Jumping rope is a great high-impact cardio workout that blasts calories quickly and can help build cardiovascular endurance. There are many different types of jump ropes, including weighted jump ropes, to help you meet your personal needs for fitness success. 

3. Deodorizing balls for tennis shoes!  Any athlete enjoys fresh-smelling fitness shoes and gym bags. These little gems help keep your feet fresh and any bad odors away. Deodorizing balls also provide a holistic approach to health using a baking soda-based product as opposed to harmful scented chemicals.

4. Exercise bands! Exercise bands are a great option for toning and resistance training and do not take up much room. They are small enough for easy travel and can be used at any location.

5. Socks!  We are not referring to the cheap cotton athletic styled sock that you can find almost everywhere. We are referring to socks that are made for fitness. Having the right tool for the right job ensures that you will be successful during your personal fitness journey. There are many high-quality brands to choose from and materials. Wool blend socks are best for holiday stocking stuffers because they help to retain heat and regulate body temperature. 

6. Mini foam rollers! These mini sized foam rollers allow you to recover faster on your own. Runners and other endurance athletes can use the foam rollers to dig into the sore muscles and help flush the buildup of lactic acid. Healing quickly from a hard workout grants you the opportunity to continue competing year-round. 

There are many different types of choices when it comes to holiday stocking stuffers. Personal trainer clients love fitness related stocking stuffers to help keep them motivated all year long and to provide inspiration and motivation. If you are still unsure what to get for your loved one, you can contact a local sporting goods or local running store to help find the perfect present!

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