Niche Markets

Niche marketing is an essential element of the successful fitness trainer’s business plan. And in the expansive fitness industry, niche market opportunities can seem overwhelming and difficult to decide upon. The American Sports and Fitness Association® (ASFA®) was founded to help experienced training professionals navigate the complex world of fitness areas, helping them to design a marketing plan specifically tailored to their unique experience and interests.

ASFA’s niche market opportunities include management, personal training to master personal training, as well as Sport Specific and areas such as self-defense, golf, kickboxing and more.

Understanding the need to tailor to niche markets is important for every business savvy personal trainer for fitness instructor. For example, if your market is predominately seniors, expanding your knowledge of Speed and Agility training might not be as helpful as learning about Senior Fitness and Water Aerobics. Conversely, if your market is mostly high-performance athletes, Speed and Agility is exactly a qualification that would benefit your business.

ASFA® Certifications

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