5 Ways to Spot A Distracted Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal coach or physical fitness instructor requires complete attention and focus. A distracted trainer is not watching out for the well-being of their clients and this could result in low motivation from the client and even injury. Here are some ways to spot a distracted personal trainer:

1. Watch the interaction between personal trainer and client. The trainer’s eyes should be on the client watching form and/or keeping count. Hands should be free to be immediately available for spotting or to correct form. If the trainer is looking at their phone constantly, they are distracted and not engaging with their client’s needs. 

2. Set up a meeting with a personal trainer you are interested in hiring, and see how they answer your questions. Be prepared--have your interview questions and answers for trainers ready. They should be able to answer your questions, knowledgeably with confidence, and maintain good eye contact. If they are looking all around while you are speaking, they are distracted and not showing you the attention you need to help reach your personal fitness goals.

3. Observe the type of music the instructor uses in their fitness classes. They should be choosing music for fitness instructors that is upbeat and enhances the work out experience. If the music does not have a good beat or rhythm and feels thrown together, your instructor might be distracted. Synching music to their choreography and workouts is part of their preparation for their job and your class.

4. Your trainer should be aware of upcoming fitness events that are specific to their work, such as National Running Day. If they seem unknowing about fitness events happening in the gym and local community, they are probably distracted from their work. A professional personal trainer is great resource for clients to keep them informed and motivated about fitness events and will often center or theme their training sessions around those special days. 

5. When working out with a trainer, they should be reminding you to drink water and the importance of hydration on the body. You can’t perform your best if you are dehydrated. You don’t always have to perform a difficult workout to be dehydrated. You may have consumed a high-sodium meal or drank extra caffeine that day. Both of those play a factor in your body’s hydration. If your trainer is not asking about your hydration, they might be distracted from doing their job well.  

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