5 Ways to Become a Better Personal Trainer

Personal training jobs are in high demand as people continue to strive for better health and fitness. Any person can study to obtain a personal trainer job, but certain qualities can help you stand out to become a better personal trainer.

  1. Listen to the needs of your client. Not all clients can use a one-plan-fits-all exercise schedule. Some clients prefer in home personal training and others enjoy going to the gym. Understand what their individual goal is, both short-term and long-term, and help develop a plan that they can stick with.

  2. Utilize heart rate training as a tool. Checking pulses can help you determine if your client is working too hard or is not been challenged enough. Heart rate training can be very useful for endurance athletes who rely on heart rate monitoring for building endurance and strength.

  3. Read fitness products reviews. Clients will come to you for advice on what’s new. It’s important to stay up-to-date on trends so you can pass along your knowledge to individuals who are eager to learn. Introducing new products to clients can help build excitement along their personal fitness journey.

  4. Use imagery to help your clients get past a plateau. Visualization exercises can help clients who feel like they are stuck and not making much progress. If they can visually picture themselves achieving their goals, they are more likely to stick with their fitness program to ensure that their vision becomes a reality.

  5. Keep a positive attitude! As a trainer, you become the personal cheerleader for each of your clients. For many individuals, their trainer is the only positive feedback they get while in the gym. Be mindful of each person’s individual journey. We all were newbies in the gym at some point. Remind them that they are strong and that you are proud of their commitment to bettering themselves.

Being a personal trainer is a great way to be an active member in the community while helping others to achieve better health and greater fitness. Going the extra mile will help you create a niche for yourself in the fitness industry along with a loyal following and repeat clients. 

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