5 Ways COVID Changed the Fitness Industry

Covid has changed the fitness industry in a variety of ways.  It has negatively impacted our health across the globe and has negatively impacted our fitness routines and created extra challenges for those trying to reach their personal fitness goals.  Humans are amazing at perseverance and pushing past adversaries in order to achieve success.  Here are five ways that Covid has changed the fitness industry:

  1. Virtual fitness has increased in popularity. With many gyms and health clubs being shut down or social distancing practices still in place, exercisers have had to participate in their workouts virtually.  Virtual fitness classes have been a way for individuals to connect to with others from the safety and comfort of their homes. Using virtual platforms, individuals can participate in a variety of different group fitness classes so they their fitness goals did not have be put on hold during the pandemic.
  2. Online coaching has become a highly sought out profession. Due to the closure of gyms and individuals having to be creative with fitness, many have turned to online coaching to help them with motivation, accountability, and direction with their workouts. Working out at home can sometimes be boring, especially without the variety of fitness equipment that a typical has to offer.  Online coaching can help provide training plans and variety to workout programs so that you don’t get burned out doing the same routine over and over.
  3. Yoga and the demand for yoga instructors has increased in popularity. The Covid pandemic has caused a significant increase in reported mental health cases that include depression, anxiety, isolation, and economic stresses.  Yoga and meditation have become a popular way that individuals can deal with many of these stressors to help improve personal wellbeing, strengthen resilience, as well as improve core strength, flexibility, and functional fitness. Equipment such as a yoga ball chair can help keep you active and engaged throughout the day.
  4. Fitness and health certifications have increased in demand. The Covid pandemic has caused many individuals to have a temporary loss of employment.  Individuals have taken this opportunity to move into other fields and start new careers by obtaining fitness and health certifications that they can study for and obtain online. Current research in fitness has referred to the pandemic period as the “Covid-30” implying that most Americans have gained an average of 30 pounds during the course of the pandemic. Individuals have increased an interest in the health and fitness industry as a way to holistically take back control of their health.  Fitness and health certifications taken online can help improve personal fitness and provide the knowledge and skills to help inspire others make positive changes in their lifestyle. Workout plans for weight loss have also increased in popularity to meet the new challenges that many individuals have faced during the Covid pandemic.
  5. Working out at home has become more popular. Social distancing has caused individuals to perform most of their workout plans from home.  Workout videos, yoga mats, and dumbbells can be used to participate in full body workouts. Resistance workouts using your own body weight have become more popular too.  Squats, lunges, pushups, and plyometric workouts all use your own body weight as resistance and can help improve muscle tone, increase lean muscle mass, and improve stability and functional fitness. A workout personal trainer can help create an individualized training plan that helps meet your personal goals and needs. Personal training software programs can help individuals create plans of their own to meet personal fitness goals. Personal training tracking software can be used to help measure progress in reaching your personal fitness goals.

Although the Covid pandemic has taken a toll on the health of many individuals, it has also strengthened the need for more fitness and health professionals to help stay fit and healthy during these challenging times.  Improving personal fitness has been linked to stronger immune systems so personal health can be improved in our communities by participating in and committing to regular fitness programs.

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