5 Reasons to Become a Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer takes a special kind of person. Physical trainer qualifications include having a certification – either an international personal trainer certification or an online gym instructor course. If you have what it takes, the following 5 reasons to become a personal trainer most likely describe you:

1. You love to work out! You love exercise. You love talking about exercise and helping people exercise. You love the opportunity to show somebody a new skill or move to help them enjoy their work out.

2. You get to be a personal cheerleader for each of your clients. You get to help create a training plan that is best for each client and help them work through that plan and meet milestones. They turn to you for encouragement and strength and you get the opportunity to do that with big smiles and high fives as they work through their program. It is rewarding to celebrate those little accomplishments along the way as your clients learn to make small lifestyle changes that affect the bigger goal at the end.

3. You get the opportunity to help somebody try something new. Many adults get stuck in the rut. Or they do the same exercises every single day without changing a thing and expect to see changes anyway. You get to help clients set realistic goals and help them with their exercises so that they are challenged enough to continue to see progress. It might be a new fitness class, or adding new sport such as running, water aerobics, or biking to their routine. It could be changing the weight they use on their resistance workouts or adding yoga for active recovery and meditation. Having a personal trainer helps to take the guess work out and helps clients feel more confident in their choices and abilities.

4. You get to be an accountability partner! Your clients will want to impress you and show you that they are capable to the challenges you set before them. They will check in with you, whether they personally see you or not, to let you know that they did their workout. Working out one on one with a trainer is the greatest accountability. You would never miss a workout if you knew there was someone else waiting for you.

5. You get to help build confidence and self-esteem while bringing communities together for a common goal. Everybody wants to feel better about them self. Having a personal trainer brings community together for the common goal of improving fitness and having more energy. Your clients will feel better about themselves too when they start seeing results from all their hard work.

Personal training can be a rewarding experience for the right person. If you love fitness and you love to help others, consider a shift in career and get your certification in personal training today!

Personal Training Certification

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