5 Functional Fitness Exercises for Seniors

Gym exercises for older adults can help improve the quality of life for everyday living. Elderly and fitness go together for optimum health in their golden years. Being active can help maintain an independent lifestyle and help prevent accidents. Below are some functional fitness exercises that seniors can do:

  1. Functional dumbbell exercises can be very helpful to seniors. In additional to protecting bone health, it also helps to increase strength and muscle tone which helps to protect the joints.
  2. Walking is another great exercise for seniors. It helps improve cardiovascular fitness, helps seniors maintain a healthy weight, and also gives them a purpose to get outside and connect with friends. Walking outside stimulates both the mind and the body.
  3. Swimming or water fitness classes make great functional training exercises for seniors. There are many different exercises you can do in the water to get a full body workout, even if you are a non-swimmer. For non-swimmers, you can do lunges, marches, or leg lifts near the steps or the edge of the pool to benefit from the resistance of the water. The water creates a natural resistance that helps to build muscle and tone up. The water helps to displace body weight, creating the perfect low impact workout.
  4. Mat Pilates can also be used for a low impact exercise. Mat Pilates focuses on fluent movements in higher repetitions that help to lean out the body. Pilates can help build improved stability and agility, helping seniors to stay independent longer in their older years.
  5. Yoga stretches are  great low impact exercises that are used to help with flexibility. Many seniors also benefit from meditation during yoga. All yoga moves can be modified to fit the individual needs of each participant. Many yoga classes are offered in Retirement communities to help seniors get the exercise they need without having to leave their home.

Exercise for seniors can have an improved quality of life when recorded and tracked. If you write down how you felt after each exercise session, you will be able to see where specific changes need to be made or improved. Every workout is an accomplishment.

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