5 Benefits of Hydration

What can you easily do to make yourself feel and look better? The answer is to drink more water!

Yes, increase your water intake.

On average the adult body is 60% water. If you do not stay hydrated both your physical and mental performance can suffer. That means energy levels may not be up to normal, brain function may also suffer. You may notice mood swings or difficulty concentrating. Dehydration also can play havoc by causing headaches, constipation and hinder your weight loss effort.

You may say that increasing water intake sounds easier than it is. That may be the case, but with a little effort you can do it, and the benefits are substantial. Let’s talk about the benefits you will notice and then we will talk about some tips that will help you increase the ounces of water you consume!

Benefit 1 – More energy! Everyone wants to feel good and have more energy. Drink a sufficient amount of water. Increasing water intake has been proven to help maintain energy levels so you can see increased metabolic rate and increased strength with less opportunities for muscle cramps.

Benefit 2 – Better memory! Yes, without sufficient water intake, your memory may not be what it should be. Drink up for better memory!

Benefit 3- Good bodily function! No one feels well if they are constipated. Your body needs a certain amount of water to replace lost electrolytes from constipation to let it work the way it is meant to!

Benefit 4- Weight Loss- By increasing your water intake, you will decrease your hunger. Many suggest drinking a full glass of water before each meal.

Benefit 5- Clear skin- Yes, even your skin benefits when you monitor your water intake. Enjoy clearer skin by making sure you have good hydration.

Give your body what it craves by starting today to drink more water. Adding some fruit in your water is an easy way to give water an appealing taste. Another option is to challenge yourself by tracking your water intake and give yourself a daily goal of 64 ounces of water. You are up to the challenge and the benefits are substantial. Drink to your health!

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