5 Basic Pilates Exercises That You Can Do at Home

Basic Pilates exercises done on a mat, gives you the freedom to do Pilates at home when you want to and when you have time to. You don’t have to do advanced Pilates moves to get the move benefits from them. Simple Pilates moves are all you need to increase personal fitness and tone up. Physical trainer schools are a great start to find certified personal training programs in Pilates. Here are some basic Pilates exercises that you can do at home:

  1. Glute Bridges are a simple Pilates exercises that you can do at home. This can be done on a yoga mat and helps activate the glutes and hamstrings. You can easily modify a Glute Bridge by not going as high or holding as long or simply reduce the number of repetitions you perform.
  2. Lying Leg Extensions are also done on a mat. You lie on your back and extend both legs out. Bring one leg in at a time and then switch. The move is similar to a bicycle move and engages the core muscles to bring better stability and posture.
  3. Side Leg Lifts are another Pilates exercise that you can do at home. It activates the abduction or outer thigh muscles. Keeping the bottom leg bent can help you stabilize and keep your hips stacked in good alignment.
  4. Lying Windshield Wiper helps target the core muscles too. You lay on your back with your knees bent to your chest. Extend the legs and rotate the core to one side and then the other like a windshield wiper does. This move also helps with posture and can reduce lower back pain.
  5. Back extensions are another great move that can be performed at home. This move looks similar to Supermans starting on your stomach and lifting up the legs and arms. It activates the lower back and hamstrings, yet also works the core while stabilizing the body.

Personal training programs online often review Pilates exercises for their ease of being able to be done at home conveniently with very little equipment. Courses in Pilates training programs are a great way to learn about new fitness routines and to discover what will help get you to your own personal fitness goals. Many individuals love learning this way so much that they decide to become a personal trainer online themselves helping others achieve healthier goals.

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