4 Ways to Beat Boredom at the Gym

1. Seek out a health and wellness coach at your local health club or fitness studio. These coaches are great for wellness suggestions that could improve your current fitness routine. If you do not have a current fitness routine, a health and wellness coach can help you identify personal goals that you want to achieve.  Knowing what your goals are will help keep you focused when training and make your workouts more meaningful. Training with purpose for a specific goal will make you less likely to miss a workout.

2. Invite a friend or a group of friends to your group fitness training class.  Making your fitness class feel like a social event will ensure that you are having fun while burning calories and getting fit.  Individuals who train with friends have higher accountability rates than individuals who work out alone.  You may not always feel like working out, but you will feel better after having a workout session with friends and getting closer to reaching your personal fitness goals.

3. Try a new cardio machine each week to change up routine and prevent boredom. If you enjoy treadmill workouts, use the treadmill for Week 1.  Then switch to elliptical for Week 2. Stair stepper machines can be used for Week 3. Rower machines can be used for Week 4. This helps keep your workouts changing often enough to prevent burn out, but continues to increase cardiovascular fitness and personal health. 

4. Add some resistance training to your regular fitness routine. Many individuals get bored when they continue doing the same workouts over and over again but no longer see results or continued improvements. Adding some resistance training will help change up your routine enough to work your muscles differently and can help improve lean muscle mass. You do not have to train with heavy weights to benefit from resistance training. You can use light weights, resistance machines, or your own body weight as resistance when doing plyometric-styled exercises. Switch up your days so that you are not doing both upper and lower body on the same days. This helps to keep your body balanced and will reduce your risk of sports related injuries. 

These are just a few methods you can use to help prevent boredom at the gym.  Reading health and wellness articles is another way you can independently stay engaged with what is new in the health and fitness industry and learn about how athletes and other fitness professionals battle boredom and fatigue while working out!

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