4 Tips for Back to School Fitness

1. Adhere to bedtime! Sleep is important to help the body be more rested and have clearer thoughts the next morning. Having enough sleep is important for kids so they can do their best. The same is true for adults and fitness. Getting enough sleep can help lower stress and cortisol levels in the body. Adults with irregular sleep patterns tend to skip workouts more often due to fatigue and this can negatively impact thyroid function and weight management.  

2. Schedule your workouts like you would an appointment. You would never miss a work meeting or scheduled appointment. Book your workout time in your calendar as if it were an appointment. It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable and to make sure that you get it done during the day. After your workout, the stress of getting in your training is gone because you have already committed to it and completed that task for the day. Even something simple with the workout ball or exercise ball counts as fitness!

3. Add fitness where you can throughout the day. Are you close enough to walk or ride bikes to school? If so, walk or ride a bike with your child to school. You’ll be getting in some extra exercise and some extra bonding time with your child. Exercising together helps teach children the importance of personal fitness. If your schedule permits an afternoon bike ride or walk, meet your child back at school and ride or walk home together. These memories will be special when your child is older.  

4. Volunteer to help with team sports at your child’s school or youth sports league. Does your child like track and field? Help your child start a club or volunteer to help the team. When your child has practice, you can practice with the team and help motivate the children to have fun with their training. Ask other parents to join in to assist, and expand your fitness routine.  

Going back to school can be a relief for many families as they juggle multiple schedules and activities. Getting back on a regular schedule can help you put your personal fitness on a regular schedule too. Do it together with your family and look for ways to add fitness as a family.

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