4 Simple Tips to Clean Up Your Diet!

A New Year gives many a fresh start and new opportunity to set goals and resolutions. Adapting clean eating habits into your routine is a shared goal among many individuals. Small changes can help you reap big rewards without having to give up all of your favorite foods. Below are some easy tips that everybody can benefit from with minimal effort:

1.)  Ditch the soft drinks! They truly provide zero nutritional value. Try making your own flavored waters instead. You can add fresh fruit into a pitcher of water for natural flavoring that is actually good for you and gives you an extra boost of vitamins as well. Many hot teas taste good over ice too. Make a large carafe of green tea and enjoy it over ice. You’ll get your daily Vitamin C, fight inflammation, and will not suffer from the sugar crash that soft drinks often leave you with.

2.)  Swap out the simple carbs for complex carbs! This can be as simple as swapping out your white rice for brown rice, or swapping out your baked potato for a sweet potato. Complex carbs do not spike your blood sugar and will give you steady energy for the day. They also provide more nutrients than their simple counterparts. Make it fun and try new grains like faro, quinoa, and couscous. These all make excellent exchanges for rice and other simple starches while providing protein and fiber. Because of the higher fiber content, they will also help you to feel more full faster and longer, helping you to consume fewer calories.

3.)  Add some time for meal prepping! This doesn’t have to take a long time or be anything fancy or gourmet. Having a plan and knowing that your meals are prepped will save you time and money and also will help you stick to your resolution of having a healthier diet. When meals are prepped and ready to go, you will be less likely to be tempted by other food choices that are simply more convenient.

4.)  Never skip breakfast! Breakfast is important because it starts your metabolism for the day. It revs up your body to burn calories and to turn those calories into fuel for energy. It doesn’t have to be time consuming. You can even start your day with a piece of fruit or protein smoothie as you are rushing out the door. The idea is to eat something to fuel your day. If you are good with meal prepping, breakfast burritos are easy to prepare the night before and heat up quickly. Use can use egg whites and veggies to fuel your powerhouse.

Cleaning up your diet is easier than you think. Small steps are best for success and make it easier to stick with it. Add in one change and then add another when you are comfortable. You don’t have to change everything overnight. Success is yours for the taking!

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