4 Motivational Group Exercise Tips

Group exercise can be a fun way to connect with others while working toward a common goal of getting fit and healthy. Many people feel discouraged when it comes to working out in front of others. Don’t let negative thoughts put you in a workout slump! Here are some group exercise motivation tips to help you along your fitness journey:

1. Focus on the instructor, not the other participants around you. The instructor is leading the class and series of movements. At the beginning of your fitness journey, the instructor will have a lot of information and knowledge for you to benefit from. Take in those cardio training tips and learn the importance of weight training so that you can apply them along your fitness journey. For those that are not newbies, it is always a great reminder and reinforces the how and why of exercising.

2. Take a friend with you or make a new friend at your group fitness class.  Personal training research has shown that people who work out with others are more likely to continue their workout program. Exercising with a friend makes it feel like a social event. You might not feel like attending a workout class, but you won’t want to miss out on seeing your friends at the gym! Having a workout buddy can help hold you accountable for getting in your workouts allowing you to reach your fitness goals faster and maintain them.

3. Use a group exercise class as an opportunity to try something new. Maybe you have been eyeing those suspension straps at the gym and wondering what on earth to do with them. Getting to use them in a group setting gives you a perfect introductory lesson on all the different ways to use them and other equipment you may have been curious about. Bringing in new equipment or ways to use them can help bring some excitement back into your workouts. 

4. Use group exercise classes to cross-train and stay fit during your off-season months. If you are looking for offseason basketball workouts, participating in a group fitness class can help build functional fitness to keep you fit and continue working on power and agility. 

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