4 Easy Yoga Stretches You Can Do At Home

#1  Seated Forward Bend. Seated forward bends are a great stretch for the hamstrings and lower back. This move is performed while seated on the ground with your legs extended in front of you.  Bend over your legs with your arms on the ground next to you. This is a great time to focus on breathing and feeling that stretch without overstraining. You don’t have to bend far to feel the stretch.  This stretch can also be used to prevent overuse injuries from running or biking. 

#2  Child’s Pose. Child’s pose is a good resting pose to release stress and tension in the body. This move is performed on the floor as well.  Start on all fours and lower your glutes to your heels and lower your head to the floor.  This move can be held as long as you need to in order to release stress. 

#3  Cat Pose. The cat pose helps release tightness in the back and abdominal areas. Start on all fours.  This tabletop position is neutral. When you breathe, round your spine on the exhale and draw your head in.  When you inhale, release back to neutral. 

#4  Cobra Pose. The cobra pose is a great stretch to the core. Lie face down on the floor. Put your hands under your shoulders and push the upper body up on your exhaled breath. Hold the pose for 15 seconds while breathing easy.  Lower back down all the way to release that stretch.

There are a variety of yoga stretches that you could do at home. If you have a fitness app, you can find helpful in-home fitness options such as yoga to help broaden your home routine. You can even connect to other yoga instructors and groups online for an in-home personal trainer routine that you can do at home during your workout time or if you need a quick relaxation break. Yoga stretching is a refreshing and peaceful way to start and end your day. 

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