Running and Triathlon Fitness Certifications for Summer

Running Fitness Instruction Certification

Summer is here and so are warmer temperatures.  Many former clients and gym members prefer to run outside during the warm weather.  Consequently, it is no shock to most fitness professionals that gym traffic dies down in summer.  Many clients enjoy exercising outside - especially running.  Maybe it is time that you get on trend and help your clients' improve their stride and times.

Instead of being discouraged that clients are leaving the gym to do their cardio outside, you can specialize your skill set to assist them.  By specializing in Running Fitness Instruction, you will learn about gait analysis, running bio-mechanics, safe training and recovery methods, how to choose proper equipment, and more!  Good weather and clients running outside isn't a slow-down for running fitness instructors, it is an opportunity!  Isn't it time that you specialize with qualifications that your clients' want and will help you during the gym's lower volume season?

Take the next step with Triathlon Fitness Instruction.  Learning Run/Bike/Swim training methods, equipment choices, recovery and dietary requirements is only part of what you will learn by focusing your studies on Triathlon Fitness Instruction.  Pairing Running Fitness Instruction with Triathlon Fitness Instruction is an ideal way to keep your clients on the cutting edge of fitness even when they are not interested in training indoors!

Triathlon Fitness Instruction Certification

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