3 Personal Training Errors to Avoid

When you become a certified personal training (CPT) professional, it is important to note three important tendencies that you should avoid to prevent any training errors. Making note of these traits can help you achieve greater success in your field and in the fitness community.  

  1. There is no one-plan-fits-all. A physical trainer career involves being able to identify what each person needs and what each person desires to achieve so that a personalized training plan can be made uniquely for each client. A fitness plan for teenage girls will look very different than a fitness plan for an elderly client who just got released from physical therapy. Trying to make all clients use a master exercise plan can result in injury and frustration.

  2. Not all certifications are equal. When you go to personal trainer school, you will get to choose from a variety of different fitness and health certifications. If you have a specific interest in one area, it is beneficial to have a certification in that area. The more certifications you have, the more diverse your training will be and you will be able to cover a larger area of fitness demands. For example, if you are interested in training for a body building competition, you would not want to hire a running coach to help you meet those goals. You would want someone who specializes in resistance and weight training with a background in sports nutrition. Make sure you have certifications in the areas of interest that you want to train in.

  3. Don’t limit yourself to one area. Think outside the box when it comes to career growth. Not all trainers work in a health club or studio. With our fast-paced environment wanting instant gratification, many instructors are turning to online personal training jobs. They are able to promote fitness on social media and connect with clients remotely any time of the day from any location. This gives clients more flexibility and control of their workouts and schedules. It also provides trainers with a more flexible working schedule for those who might have other jobs or commitments.

These tips are just a few errors to avoid when building a career in the fitness and health industry. Personalize each training plan to match each individual client. Obtain a certification in the areas of interest that you want to train in. Be creative with your career and have fun growing your personal training resume and business.

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