4 Reasons to Get Your Water Aerobics Certification--Move Your Clients to the Pool!

The Baby Boomer Generation is the largest growing demographic in gyms today. As working with seniors becomes more prevalent and vital to workers in the fitness industry, it is more and more essential to incorporate low-impact exercises into fitness plans for your clients.

ASFA's Water Aerobics Certification will not only provide you and your clients relief from the summer heat, but also a healthy low-impact exercise option. Here's 4 great reasons to get certified:

#1   Less stress on the body. Your clients can work out longer because the water movements are less stressful on their bodies, especially their joints.

#2  Weight loss. When combined with a healthy diet, a regularly attended water aerobics class can contribute to successful weight loss. On average a 45-minute class can burn between 350- 600 calories. 

#3  Resistance. Being surrounded by water constantly challenges the body. As your body moves, the water resists your movements, so muscles work harder to push against the resistance. Water Aerobics is great for increasing tone and cardiovascular health.

#4  Broaden your client base. Since water aerobics is a non-weight bearing exercise, besides being great for seniors, it’s another option for pregnant women, or those clients with hip, knee, or ankle issues along with those who may have osteoporosis or arthritis.

At the same time, it's a fun and active way to teach one-on-one or group lessons. Water Aerobics is a unique niche market that may help you grow your clientele base. Become a certified Water Aerobics Instructor today and grow your business.

Click the link below to get started--24/7 convenience, pay only if you pass! 

Water Aerobics Certification

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