Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instructor

Even in a tough economy, ASFA® helps your business grow!

The field of fitness is about confronting challenges—and overcoming them. And ASFA® can help you grow your career as a fitness professional in even the most challenging of circumstances. Today, men and women, your potential clients, are facing serious financial road blocks. At the same time, health problems such as obesity and heart-related issues—concerns directly related to physical fitness—are climbing. It’s more important than ever that people make fitness a conscious priority. This makes a certification in Group Fitness an extremely critical part of your portfolio package! An ASFA® certification in Group Fitness is a sure way to dramatically increase your marketability and keeps you operating ahead of the pack.

With ASFA’s certification in Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instruction, you can confidently market a huge variety of group fitness programs and attract the many potential clients looking for ways to stay fit while avoiding the cost of one-on-one training sessions. In addition, many people love the idea of training with others. Group fitness programs provide your clients with extra motivation and support from their peers, especially crucial considering today’s hectic lifestyles, making you more effective as a trainer and helping you offer more customers what they’re looking for.

Group Fitness is a great way to insure you get the most out of your efforts as well. You can work with a large number of people in the same amount of time you would normally devote to one client, opening the door to enormous earning potential.

Certifications from ASFA® are absolutely risk-free. You only pay if you pass! Protect your career against uncertain times by earning a certification from the American Sports and Fitness Association® today!

Group Fitness Certification

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