Sports Nutrition Certification: The Perfect Compliment to Triathlon Fitness

Sports Nutritionist Certification
Fitness professionals know, there is a direct relationship between athletic performance and nutrition. Most training programs can be entirely negated by improper nutritional intake. Becoming a Sports Nutritionist is a great compliment to any training - especially Triathlon Training.

ASFA's Sports Nutrition certification covers not only the basics of nutrition for weight loss and weight training, but also nutrition for sport performance including endurance and dynamic sports. Expanding your expertise to involve nutrition is essential continued education for sports-minded fitness professionals.

Is Sports Nutrition the right certification for you? If you are a fitness professional who wants to optimize sports performance or maximize your client's results, then sports nutrition is your certification! Sports Nutrition is one of the most relevant continuing education certifications you can complete to help your clients with their goals.

Sports Nutritionist Certification

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