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The fields of personal training and physical therapy have radically changed over the past decade and even in the past year. Ten years ago people were still looking for goods and services in the yellow pages. A print column ad could set you back $50 - $80 a month but was well worth the investment.Today, 96% of the U.S. population are now using the Internet and search engines to find everything from cars, jobs, schools, books and even physical therapy. The yellow pages are even online. The Internet revolution has caused a paradigm shift in the way we communicate, interact and do business.

Today, there are 2.4 billion Internet users worldwide and this number is growing daily. There are 1.1 billion smartphone users accessing the Internet right from the palm of their hands. As a fitness business owner, being online is essential to your practice. With 634 million websites competing, the question is not do you need a website, the question is, are you marketing and leveraging your website effectively?

The beauty of having an effective website is that it offers infinite opportunities for your practice 24/7. With 210 billion dollars being spent online each year, you can now make money in your sleep. With the invent of online appointment scheduling, eNewsletters, online payment processing, and robust online resources, your patients have greater expectations than ever. The good news for practice owners is, meeting these expectations increases your bottom line and streamlines your marketing and administration costs. For instance, allowing your patients to schedule themselves online reduces your admin costs and also improves customer retention by 9.4%.

Learn how to increase your income, thanks to the Internet!  If you're not effectively using online marketing you could be missing out on serving patients and creating valuable income opportunities for yourself. The American Sports and Fitness Association has partnered with PhysicalTherapistSites for an easy, affordable and effective website. Plus, the ASFA has negotiated a special deal for you to receive your First Month FREE! Start building an effective online presence today by going to and entering Promo Code: ASFA for One Month Free!


ASFA Personal Training & Fitness Certifications


For a list of all of our certifications, just click: Fitness Certifications

To see our Personal Training Certification, just click: Personal Training Certification


Golf Fitness Certification - Getting Ready for Warm Weather

Golf Fitness Instruction Certification

With warmer weather's arrival, many golfers are looking to get prepared for the golf season. Most are looking forward to the competition and physical exertion of playing throughout the warmer months. Maybe it is time to expand your sales potential this season by tapping into the opportunities made possible by the ASFA's Golf Fitness Instruction Certification.

ASFA provides 24/7 access to our Golf Fitness Instruction Certification, which covers golfing physiology, bio-mechanics of the swing, golfing flexibility training, and more.

All ASFA certifications are risk-free, as participants only pay if they pass. So why not take the next niche marketing specialty step in your fitness career today?

Becoming a Golf Fitness Instructor helps to fill a void that most fitness clubs have. Many golfers are avid about improving their game. But, many personal trainers just maintain one general PT certification.

What will set you apart? Will you just be another trainer at the gym? Will you be the trainer who has several distinct specialties that help you rise about the rest?

For a list of all of our certifications, just click: Fitness Certifications

To see our Personal Training Certification, just click: Personal Training Certification

Sport Specific Trainer Certification - Dynamic Training for Athletes

Sport Specific Trainer Certification

It is no secret that many personal trainers and fitness professionals were once (and often still are) athletes. And as an athlete, personal trainers know that training for sports is very different than training for other goals such as weight loss and tone, or quality of life improvement. Of course, the training varies as the requirements of sports differ. However, training an athlete for sport performance can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable client hours for a personal trainer.

As the cost of college keeps rising, more and more parents are looking to personal trainers to help assist their young athletes and improve their sport performance. Also, training professional athletes can be a very rewarding. 

Whether it is on a high school field or gym or a professional one, watching the improved performance of the athlete you trained is a great feeling.  ASFA® is proud to offer our Sport Specific Training certification to help you improve your continuing fitness education and help you market yourself to a wider variety of clientele. Specializing in sport specific movements is a great way to earn a certification in a field that is fun and dynamic. You will learn the importance of dynamic, ballistic and plyometric exercises, which muscle groups are engaged in quick rotations, nutrition to prepare for sport events, and much more.

ASFA makes taking your certification test convenient and time effective. You can take your test online anytime and study your course work when you have the time. With our independent study exams, you can learn at your own pace and qualify when you are ready.  Also, you will receive your test results prior to payment.  You are not under any obligation to purchase just because you studied and took the test.

Maybe it is time to boost your resume and start specializing with ASFA's Sport Specific Trainer certification!

For a list of all of our certifications, just click: Fitness Certifications

To see our Personal Training Certification, just click: Personal Training Certification

Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instructor -- Getting Ready for Spring!

Group Fitness Certification

Spring is right around the corner and now is the time to emphasize and update your credentials with a Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instructor Certification from ASFA®! 

By the end of winter, many personal training clients get cabin fever.  These personal training clients are ready for spring and ready for warm weather. As a personal trainer or fitness professional, your challenge is to convince them that if they desperately want to be outside, they can enjoy the warm weather while exercising. Instead of experiencing a significant client drop-off, warm weather provides the savvy fitness professional the perfect opportunity to increase their client base by holding outdoor group fitness and bootcamp classes. All fitness professionals know the seasonality of the fitness industry. But, only a few stay up on the trends and seasonality by specializing and continuing their education in relevant fields. There is nothing wrong with specifying in a particular field of interest. However, keeping up with the industry's seasonality is a great way to expand your current portfolio and retain/gain clients at the same time.

ASFA® makes becoming a Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instructor convenient and economical. Providing an independent study exam, ASFA® lets you choose studying at your own speed with recommended texts from Human Kinetics. Upon successful completion, you may enroll in the ASFA® newsletter for fitness industry articles and specials. Also, you can apply for insurance through our partner HPSO (the largest health care insurance company in the United States).  ASFA® makes it easy to pursue the continuance of your education with specified certifications that help build your resume and provide fields of specialization to overcome seasonality and other fitness industry obstacles. 

There is no better time to get into spring and become a Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instructor--start today!

Group Fitness Certification

For a list of all of our certifications, just click: Fitness Certifications

To see our Personal Training Certification, just click: Personal Training Certification


Master Trainer Certification - Be At the Top of Your Game!

Master Personal Trainer Certification

ASFA® offers the Master Trainer certification to put you at the top of your game!

Do you have the ambition to elevate your personal training career to the next level? Have you ever been fueled by the desire to be head and shoulders above the rest?  

ASFA’s Master Trainer certification program can help you pave a potential pathway that can bring opportunity while distinguishing you apart from other personal trainers. The Master Trainer certification provides you with the in-depth knowledge you need to advance your career in this significant field of work as a fitness instructor while appealing to a broad range of clients and understanding their fitness goals and needs.
Whether your clients are pursuing strength conditioning or exercise therapy, the ASFA® Master certification allows you to target not just one, but all possible options available. You can focus on key populations such as the senior community which is one of the fastest growing markets in the fitness world today or a Sports Specific client base for those seeking to better themselves in certain areas to improve their skill set for their sport of choice.  

As demand continues to increase to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the field of fitness has become more competitive so it’s essential that a personal trainer sets themselves apart from the competition by offering to clients an impressive set of skills and credentials that boast qualifications above and beyond the basic level of personal training.

The ASFA® Master Trainer certification can help you jump start your career as a master trainer and is designed to assist you improve upon your knowledge in core fitness areas such as strength and/or muscle conditioning, nutrition, endurance, and many more.

The ASFA® website offers you convenient online access to the Master certification course. You can study at a time that’s good for you and set your own pace to better accommodate your busy schedule. After completion of studying, you may proceed to take an online exam.  If you have questions about the online course material, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

The ASFA® Master Trainer certification is structured to help bring forth better opportunities including the possibilities of business expansion and chance to meet potential new clients that are excited about the prospect of being under the instruction of a certified master trainer.  

This certification can also help to elevate your marketability to the next stage, capped off with a solid skill set in master training and more in-depth knowledge of technique and execution. Not to mention, what better way would there be to compliment a personal trainer’s resume by showing that you have both enhanced and improved upon your abilities by attaining a greater understanding of fitness research possessed by few and that is what will set you apart in the eyes of potential clients.

For a list of all of our certifications, just click: Fitness Certifications

To see our Personal Training Certification, just click: Personal Training Certification

Indoor Cycling Certification - Great Winter Cardio

Indoor Cycling Certification

ASFA's Indoor Cycling certifications might be just what you need to kick-start your clients' cardio until warmer weather. Many clients love to workout outdoors, especially cardio. However, in winter weather, outdoor workouts in most of the country are impractical. With this in mind, a savvy fitness trainer should consider expanding their portfolio to Indoor Cycling.

Indoor cycling can be one of the best cardio workout classes that is held in any gym. In addition to being a dynamic exerting workout, indoor cycling is low-impact and easy on the joints. It works well for those who are ready to get back to some form of workout. Since it doesn’t jar the hip, knee or ankle joints, indoor cycling is an excellent choice.

How many people and clients do you know that gain weight in the summer and lose weight in the winter?  We all know many people like that.  So, why not give them something different to do in winter.  Give your clients motivation to get to the gym and take a cycling class, instead of sitting around at home.

Whether the goals of your business are to keep clients during the slower winter months, or to gain clients with a great low-impact cardio option, an Indoor Cycling Certification could be just what you need?  Is Indoor Cycling right for you?

Indoor Cycling Certification

For a list of all of our certifications, just click: Fitness Certifications

To see our Personal Training Certification, just click: Personal Training Certification



Sports Nutrition - Designing the Diet

Sports Nutritionist Certification

Most fitness trainers know that diet is half the battle. If your client is trying to get lean, they can workout as hard as they want, but without a proper diet – it probably won’t happen. For many weightlifters and former athletes, the working out is the easy part. Working out is what they have done for many years and have come to love. The problem is the diet. As these clients age, their metabolic rate slows and workouts alone are not enough. Maybe it is time for you to continue your education through an ASFA Sports Nutrition certification.

As the New Year’s rush clients have been flooding into gyms across the nation, the number one request is to lose weight. Many of these clients don’t workout or haven’t worked out for many years. Of course, every fitness professional would like to see them on consistent workout routines, but you can’t start them off with difficult extremely strenuous activity due to their lack of conditioning. Instead, you will have to gradually work them into a workout that is right for that person. At the same time, that client will want to see results. They will probably want to see weight loss fast. Are these results attainable? They are if they have a proper diet. If you are a personal trainer already and you know that ‘diet is half of the battle’, then why aren’t you also a sports nutritionist?

ASFA® makes continuing your education in the fitness industry convenient. Take your Sports Nutritionist independent study course and exam online - from the convenience of your own home. If you were a client looking to lose weight, wouldn’t you want a personal trainer who was also a Sports Nutritionist?

For a list of all of our certifications, just click: Fitness Certifications

To see our Personal Training Certification, just click: Personal Training Certification


Group Fitness & Bootcamp Certification - The Most Bang for Your Client's buck!

Group Fitness Certification

ASFA® is proud to offer Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instructor Certification. When the economy fluctuates, many potential personal training clients put off their personal fitness needs and goals in favor of holding onto their hard-earned money. This is completely understandable as sometimes clients take pay reductions, or face job loss with company reorganizations or closure. So, what is the solution?

Group Fitness & Bootcamp classes to the rescue! Although many clients prefer to have a personal trainer, some simply just cannot afford one. At the same time, many personal trainers have billable training hours to fill, and wouldn’t mind the opportunity to make more per hour. Considering all of these factors, a Group Fitness class is the way to go. Or, if weather is great, an outdoor Bootcamp class is an option. Either way, your clients can spend less money than personal one-on-one sessions, and still attain a higher level of physical fitness. Many clients thrive in a group setting and will push themselves harder when viewed by their peers. At the same time, most personal trainers would like to make more money per hour or class with many clients attending.

If you add up all the factors surrounding the fitness industry economy and personal training clients, it is easy to see that any personal trainer should strive to obtain a Group Fitness & Bootcamp Certification. With the ability to increase your income and the opportunity to provide potential clients a cheaper per hour alternative to personal training – holding Group Fitness & Bootcamp classes are obviously a win-win situation for both the trainer and their clients.

ASFA® offers convenient continuing education and specialty fitness certifications you take online 24/7, on your own schedule. We know that your life is busy and hectic, and you might not always have the time to attend all the current personal training related seminars. All ASFA® courses are independent study, our texts and manuals are provided through Human Kinetics.

So check out the link below to see ASFA's Group Fitness & Bootcamp certification is right for you? Take it online now, in the convenience of your own home!


Group Fitness Certification For a list of all of our certifications, just click: Fitness Certifications

To see our Personal Training Certification, just click: Personal Training Certification


Water Aerobics - Group Fitness for Any Season

Water Aerobics Certification

Water Aerobics is one of the most versatile of all fitness specialty certifications. Many certifications limit you by equipment or by seasonality. With a water aerobics certification, you can practice your skills set in any gym or setting with a pool. Not only do you just need a pool, but water aerobics also appeals to a large population of fitness-oriented clientele. Water aerobics incorporates a low-impact exercise regimen that is beneficial for seniors, children and even bodybuilders who need a break or have an injury they are nursing back to health. Considering water aerobics has such a wide appeal, it is no wonder that water aerobics is one of the fasting growing group fitness classes in many gyms.

Whether it is too hot to be out or too so cold you feel like you a freezing, water aerobics is a great exercise solution. Many personal trainers income suffers during the down times in gym membership. These times are usually winter – prior to New Year's – and throughout the summer. What better way to keep your clientele through the weather extremes than to utilize your skill set with an ASFA water aerobics certification? When it is very hot outside, everyone gravitates towards the pool and water to cool down for a dip. Also, when it is cold outside, dipping into the warm pool for your workout is ideal.

Whether you are trying to get and keep more clients or you are trying to keep a steady client base through the seasonality of the gym year, water aerobics is the right certification. Water aerobics meets the needs of a large diverse client base as well as appeals to everyone during adverse weather. So, if you are trying to keep a consistent client-base through the year, or appeal to more demographics, water aerobics is ideal. Also, water aerobics can be done personally or can be completed in a class setting. So, whatever your clients’ price is, you will have the right answer.

For a list of all of our certifications, just click: Fitness Certifications

To see our Personal Training Certification, just click: Personal Training Certification


ASFA® Provides Credibility and Services Invaluable to Fitness Professionals

ASFA® Certifications

ASFA® provides credibility through continuing education for the fitness professionals. With ASFA® as an online resource, fitness professionals can enhance their credibility through extending their education and abilities in niche marketing fields. Adding specialty studies to your resume can help set you apart from the rest of your competition. If you are a new personal trainer who is looking to expand his/her knowledge base into Sport Specific Training or perhaps Senior Fitness, or if you have been in the industry for awhile and are looking to move into Advanced Personal Training or Master Training, ASFA® is the place where you can get it done online on your own time schedule.

Everyone who has been a personal trainer or fitness professional knows that the hours can be long and hard. Training your clients early in the morning, then working again around the average person's lunch break, then resuming work again after your clients are off work is a very demanding schedule.  For this, ASFA® provides the fitness professional kit. The Fitness Professional Kit provides fitness professionals with the tools they need to stay organized and have a plan of attack to get them through the long days.

Maybe you have been in the game a long time and have everything perfectly structured and have completed every certificate that you deem necessary and valuable.  For you, ASFA® provides the ASFA® partnership program.

Please contact us for opportunities to place your link and logo on our website free of charge; just another benefit of ASFA® membership. Join the ranks of, Human Kinetics, HPSO and many more!

As you can see, ASFA® provides an opportunity and online resource for each level of advancement in the fitness industry. Feel free to contact us anytime and let us know how to better assist you!

ASFA® Certifications

For a list of all of our certifications, just click: Fitness Certifications

To see our Personal Training Certification, just click: Personal Training Certification


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