Stretching and Flexibility Instruction Certification: Stretch it Out!

Stretching and Flexibility Instruction Certification

Learn how to teach the arts of static, dynamic and PNF stretching to improve your client's flexibility

While many forms of exercise provide visible benefits and changes to your body, there are other types of fitness that may not seem as important. Stretching and Flexibility are extremely important fitness aspects and if you have great flexibility and can stretch, you are less likely to get injured. If your joints and muscle are flexible, you can move in a greater variety of ways and put less strain on your body. Furthermore, if you can stretch further and to more complex angles, you can perform a greater variety of skills in different sports. Stretching and Flexibility has great advantages in sports and athletics but are also highly beneficial in our everyday lives. Becoming ASFA® certified in stretching and flexibility instruction is a wonderful way to expand your fitness career.

ASFA® provides a Stretching and Flexibility instruction certification that is both straight-forward and convenient. During this certification, you will learn the importance of flexibility, and what impact this has on our muscles and joints. Furthermore, you will understand how our joints and muscles move and a range of different exercises to help their development. You will also learn about PNF stretching as well as static and dynamic stretching. You will learn about the difference between active and passive stretching. What stretches should you avoid anytime? How about before maximal exertion? Which stretches are most beneficial prior to athletic competition? It’s time to learn!

Once certified, you will be able to offer Stretching and Flexibility training to your existing fitness clients. Additionally, you should be able to attract a new range of customers including seniors, who will benefit from this type of class. This is a great addition to your set of skills as a fitness instructor and a sure-fire way to improve your abilities and potential client base.

Stretching and Flexibility Instruction Certification

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