Safety and Fitness for the Holidays!

The holiday season is here and everyone is busy shopping instead of working out.  What are you to do?  Maybe the answer is providing your clients some fun ways to get fit and stay safe!  It's no secret that safety is more of a concern during the holiday season.  This season is also the time that most clients gain weight.  So, why not offer a fun solution to both problems that can be done in an exciting, warm indoor fitness class?

ASFA® provides your just this opportunity by offering Self Defense Fitness Instruction, Kickbox/Step Aerobics Instruction and Cycling Instruction!  Lure your clients out of the house by offering to teach them Self Defense Fitness and follow it up with a high or low impact cardio burn with Kickbox/Step Aerobics and/or Cycling Instruction.  Diversifying your fitness education is a great way to beat the seasonality of the fitness industry and get better results for your clients.
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