Phone Addiction and Youth Training – Be More Active with Less Screen Time!

Youth Fitness Training Certification

Help the younger generation engage in fitness and spend less time on their smartphones!

There is an increasing amount of concern in today’s world about the amount of time the younger generation is spending on their smartphones, tablets or gaming. This holds true for all ages. We are becoming a nation of phone addicts! While technology is beneficial, and smartphones are changing the way the world works, we should still seek to keep fit, stay active and spend time away from a screen.   It is extremely important for the younger generation to participate in regular fitness activities to help combat obesity, and so they can enjoy a healthier lifestyle that will benefit them through later years. Helping youngsters keep fit is a very worthwhile venture and you will feel rewarded that you have made a genuine contribution to society.

ASFA® offers a Youth fitness instruction certification that will allow you to branch out into this area of the industry. During this qualification, you will learn how to teach youth fitness classes and how to cater specifically to this demographic. As you can imagine, teaching youngsters requires a different approach to adult fitness training. You will understand the limitations of the younger generation’s fitness capabilities, and how to provide a fun and interesting set of routines for them to participate in. During your certification you will learn about youth motivational strategies, fitness methodology, exercise routine design, nutrition and more. Becoming qualified isn’t just a stepping-stone for you, it is a contribution that you can make to tomorrow’s fitness fanatics!

This certification from ASFA® is extremely convenient (can be taken from your own PC, tablet or smart phone) and a meaningful addition to your fitness business. You will be able to help the younger generation and reduce the amount of time they spend on their phones! Additionally, you will be providing them with much needed physical activity and a break from the world of technology. Too much screen time can mean not enough activity time. No more playing phone games and eating chips! Get to the gym – or outside – or to the recreation center! It’s time to make a difference by becoming a Youth fitness instructor!

Youth Fitness Training Certification

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